Enough of the Fluff Digital Marketing Workshops

Marketing Fluff.

We all experience it every time we attend a conference or "round table" event. Sure, some useful information is presented but it is extremely noticeable that half of the presentersspeakers presentation is aimed to convert you and your business as a sale. Sometimes that's great! We go to conferences looking to network and be able to eventually work with vendors who presented as it gives us an insight into their depth of knowledge, skill, and attitude.  But let's face it, most of the time as business owners, digital marketing professionals, or marketing professionals we want to learn something and leave the "client acquisition" decision up to us. We will reach out if we want your services!

I created this workshop series as someone who has been a digital marketing professional for over 15 years for both major retailers, small businesses and everything in between. Too many times after coworkers, colleagues or friends went to conferences we'd end up saying "it was just a giant sales pitch!".  The purposes of these workshops is so that every attendee leaves feeling like they obtained a ton of knowledge and will have additional tactical skills they can apply to their business or day to day job.

enough of the fluff